Explorer's Club // Issue #009

Featured Explorer: Mike Jones, Photographer

1 - Tell me about what type of creative you are?

I've always been intrigued by film and cinematography since I was given my first camera in middle school; however, it was not until three years ago I discovered my love for photography and traveling. There's just something about journeying into the unknown that I have become addicted to.

2 - What inspires you to be creative?

I was fortunate enough to grow up on a farm with a decent amount of land that's completely surrounded by woods. I spent all of my time outside and enjoying everything that nature has to offer. With my photography now, I try to incorporate my love for nature and the beauty of this earth by combining landscape photography and people in my photos.

3 - What books are you currently reading that you would recommend?

I am currently reading Stephen King's epic novel "The Stand." I've always been a big fan of Stephen King's writings, and "The Stand" might be my favorite of his collection so far.

4 - What is one tool you would recommend someone having to make them more creative?

I try to always keep an open-mind in life and in my photography. Trying different techniques and experimenting with different types of photography opens my mind to more creative thinking, which is never a bad thing.

5 - What is your favorite creative project you have ever worked on?

Last summer I had the opportunity to study abroad in Japan at Ritsumeikan University. I was the first student to attend this program from Appalachian State University, so I decided to video/document all of my adventures, foods, friends, etc. Once I was finished with the program, I compiled all my videos into one final video to not only help me remember all of my special memories, but also to help promote this amazing program to future students at Appalachian State.