Explorer's Club // Issue #007

Featured Explorer: Casey Helmick, Strategist

1 - Tell me about what type of creative you are?

I am a marketing professional that has focused the early part of my career on Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Strategy, Community Building, Brand Building, etc. Many people don't look at marketing as a creative practice but I would clearly disagree. There is a certain rhythm you have to carry to be talented at marketing - I'm not there yet but I'm improving my creative skill set in hopes to become better. 

2 - What inspires you to be creative?

My main desire in life is to connect people with people. There is something about connecting people to encouragement that can fuel their passion for life and business that gets me excited. So, marketing is my choice to do this for as many people as possible. It takes extreme creativity to break through the clutter of life and make these connections. 

3 - What books are you currently reading that you would recommend?

Pretty much all of Seth Godin's books are staple on my nightstand. This year I was more intentional about readingMalcolm Gladwell who always has enlightening research on people to share. As I am writing this, I am currently enjoying going through "The End Of Me" by Kyle Idleman. I could go on for hours - reading is important to me. 


4 - What is one tool you would recommend someone having to make them more creative?

Although it is not my favorite place to browse, Pinterest has been huge for me. Viewing the different boards has been able to keep me in touch with various styles and trends. I then take that and mash it up against what I am creating in my own projects. I also recommend spending your "social media time" more wisely: Follow people that inspire you, Unfollow people that make you bitter/envious, and use social media to build connections that can be stepping stones towards your next phase of life.

5 - What is your favorite creative project you have ever worked on?

Well… I started this and that is fun. I am looking forward to creating a small group of people who share a vision for the creativity in life and want to share/collaborate. Booneview is close to my heart, as it is the first real brand I am building. You should check it out!