Explorer's Club // Issue #004

Featured Explorer: John Stephens, Photographer

1 - Tell me about what type of creative you are?

Photography has been a passion of mine for a few years now, something about freezing a moment in time excites me. I've always loved writing as well, since I could barely spell I was scribbling out some story about a character I had created. Those times growing up inspired me later to publish a youth novel called "The Journey". Now a few years later, that accomplishment has furthered my skills in writing and opened some great opportunities.

2 - What inspires you to be creative?

Growing up surrounded by nature gave me a since of peace whenever I went outside. I use that same feeling to inspire myself in creativity. I try to express nature in all of my work, whether it's a photo, an article, or a novel.

3 - What books are you currently reading that you would recommend?

A good friend once suggested to me, "Love Does" by Bob Goff, after reading it a few times I can sufficiently say it's one of the most incredible stories I've read and whenever I'm in need of some inspiration to do something crazy I pick up that book again.


4 - What is one tool you would recommend someone having to make them more creative?

No creative person ever spent too much time in one place, whether it's a state of mind, or an actual location. I always try to keep my mind alive to what is around me. Hear the rustle of the dry fall leaves, smell the crisp air of winter, a lively mind is the most creative tool we have.

5 - What is your favorite creative project you have ever worked on?

Last year I took a trip to California on a slight whim. My goal was to capture as much as I could of what the locals would see instead of a tourist. This made the trip more of a search for the background beauty of the area and less of a sight-seeing trip. After only 10 days I had driven over 400 miles, drank coffee at a handful of local coffee shops, and walked a few gorgeous backcountry trails.