Why We Love The Mountains

Have you been blessed enough to spend some time in the Appalachian Mountains?  

If not… close our blog, get in your car, and try not to get a speeding ticket.  

For those of us who have had the luck of calling these mountains home, there is no place more beautiful!  We literally get in arguments on a daily basis about how much better our mountains are than any other place on this earth.  

We love these mountains!  Here is why:

1 - They take your breath away every time.

There is no denying that standing on top of the Blue Ridge Mountains brings about a certain "high."  In fact, the area I live in is commonly referred to as "The High Country."  We are 3,000' elevated and get to experience things that beach-people can't even dream of.  

When you reach that last part of your adventure and experience the sunset at the top of Rough Ridge on the Blue Ridge Parkway, there is just nothing sweeter - but be prepared to have your breath taken away. 

2 - They inspire us to think BIG.

When people stare at these mountains they begin to dream.  There have been thousands of amazing ideas birthed from the inspiration of these mountains.  

We are pretty proud of this idea, which was completely inspired by these beautiful mountains.  

3 - They are extremely photogenic.

In fact, there is an entire website completely devoted to showing the beauty of these mountains.

Make sure to check out our new line of items that was inspired by this beautiful area.  We are especially proud of our GUIDEMAP (featured below) that will help you find your next adventure on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  

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