4 Christmas Traditions We Love

I am lucky enough to call beautiful Boone, North Carolina home.  This small town is well-known for actually having all 4 seasons every year.  We get the blossoming spring green, cool summer nights, beautiful leaf-changing falls, and, of course, the brisk snow-filled winter.  

For many, the winter season is a favorite.  The snow-covered mountains are absolutely stunning and the ability to drive a few miles to the ski-resorts is a huge benefit of calling this place home.  When the snow starts falling most people get excited that winter is truly here.  

Here are 4 of our favorite Christmas traditions:


If you live in a place where you are lucky enough to get snow, count your blessings.  Some scientists claim that nearly 50% of the world's population has never even seen snow before!  Yes, snow can cause us some travel issues and can even be a little dangerous but think of the up-side:

  • Throwing that snowball
  • Building a snowman
  • Enjoying "snow cream"
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • And, of course, gazing at the snow-covered mountainsides 

Christmas Trees

There is nothing like doing the classic "choose-and-cut" Christmas tree hunt with friends and family.  Our family usually goes right after Thanksgiving to hunt for the perfect tree.  After finding it, we load it up on the car and tie it tight.  Then the real fun begins:

Decorating the tree is something that should be enjoyed.  If you don't enjoy it… get out of the way because I'm sure someone in your house loves unloading the dusty boxes of ornaments and combing through the memories each one holds. 

The Parkway Drive

Driving down the parkway (while it is still open) is always a fun activity.  The views from the Parkway are some of the greatest views in the world.  You won't want to miss this Christmas experience from this All-American Road.   

Just be careful!


Time With Friends And Family

The Christmas season is clearly about spending time with your loved ones and sharing in whatever traditions you can create.  Many times we spend time giving thanks to each other and God for the blessings of the year.  I like to write a card to each member of my crew and let them know how much they mean to me.  

Whatever your traditions are, make sure to embrace them this year.  This time of the year goes by very fast and, if you're not careful, you'll miss out on some wonderful moments!

Why We Love The Mountains

Have you been blessed enough to spend some time in the Appalachian Mountains?  

If not… close our blog, get in your car, and try not to get a speeding ticket.  

For those of us who have had the luck of calling these mountains home, there is no place more beautiful!  We literally get in arguments on a daily basis about how much better our mountains are than any other place on this earth.  

We love these mountains!  Here is why:

1 - They take your breath away every time.

There is no denying that standing on top of the Blue Ridge Mountains brings about a certain "high."  In fact, the area I live in is commonly referred to as "The High Country."  We are 3,000' elevated and get to experience things that beach-people can't even dream of.  

When you reach that last part of your adventure and experience the sunset at the top of Rough Ridge on the Blue Ridge Parkway, there is just nothing sweeter - but be prepared to have your breath taken away. 

2 - They inspire us to think BIG.

When people stare at these mountains they begin to dream.  There have been thousands of amazing ideas birthed from the inspiration of these mountains.  

We are pretty proud of this idea, which was completely inspired by these beautiful mountains.  

3 - They are extremely photogenic.

In fact, there is an entire website completely devoted to showing the beauty of these mountains.

Make sure to check out our new line of items that was inspired by this beautiful area.  We are especially proud of our GUIDEMAP (featured below) that will help you find your next adventure on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  

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4 Things You Need To Be An Explorer

Exploring this world is extremely important.  

Taking time to break out of your normal routine and look for something different can impact all areas of your life.  The Boone Explorers Club is a community of adventurers that are seeking to find new things.  Here are 4 things you need to be an explorer:

The iPhone

So you don’t actual need an iPhone.  But you are going to want something that can capture those amazing moments you are about to stumble into.  There is nothing worse than exploring, finding a beautiful moment, and not capturing that memory in a video or photo. 

Don’t be ashamed to pause your adventure and snap that photo! 


The Teammates

Exploring is something you can do by yourself but it is so much better what a trusted group of friends.  Some say that the main objective with exploring may be “to find yourself” but I disagree!  Exploring is about finding community. 

Who is on your team of explorers?


The Imagination

Sometimes we go into adventures a little too literally.  We aren’t just climbing a mountainside or learning a new skill like photography – we are expanding our imagination to look around us and experience life. 

Use your imagination to experience true exploration.  Embrace your inner-child and find joy in your next adventure. 


The Gear

Yes, this is a shameless plug for our awesome new adventure gear.  We worked with local people to pull off some really great gear for all you adventurers out there:

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